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The Archives contain artifacts from the history of United Centers for Spiritual Living and International Centers for Spiritual Living. Priceless treasures include copies of all of Science of Mind magazines since October 1927 and a complete collection of Creative Thought magazines. Explore Science of Mind books in Russian, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Afrikaans, Japanese and Braille. You’ll find numerous reel-to-reel tapes and transcripts of Science of Mind founder Dr. Ernest Holmes’ radio talks and classes.

The Archives also contain the minutes of meetings of United Centers for Spiritual Living since October 1927 and photographs of many of the early ministers and conferences. Historical documents from International Centers for Spiritual Living are also part of the collection.
Recent publications based on materials in the Archives are “Love and Law,” “365 Science of Mind,” “The Essential Ernest Holmes” and “In His Company: Ernest Holmes Remembered.” These materials open a window to the past and shine a light into the future of our movement. They give us a sense of continuity and history.

Monthly and annual subscriptions to the Archives allow you to access hundreds — if not thousands — of pieces of our Science of Mind history for your personal spiritual evolution as well as to use for research, class materials, Sunday talks and readings, and much more.  You can also choose to purchase individual items.

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