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Celebrating Erika Luckett

by SOM Magazine

A Loving Tribute to Her Music & Generous Legacy »

As Erika Luckett took her last breath on October 24, 2018, the final punctuation in her powerful story here on Earth, she left us with many gifts, one of which was a final interview in which she and her partner Lisa Ferraro discussed their life’s work.

The feature article that resulted from that interview was written a few months prior to Erika’s transition from this plane. It is offered to you, the reader, as a final tribute in the December 2018 issue of Science of Mind Magazine. It is my hope that as you read it, you will be fondly reminded of the bright light that she was.

You can read more and find her music online at LisaAndErika.com.

By Sara Awad
Life begins with breath. As each of us emerges from the waters of our birth, we fill our lungs, circulating the same molecules that have sustained human unfoldment since time began. This silvery thread that stitches together the moments of our time on the planet is, in the words of Erika Luckett: “An abundant gift, an undeniable connection to something beyond the self.”
As a singer, musician and storyteller, Erika has helped thousands to connect with that greater something. Through her soaring vocals, virtuosity on the guitar and mastery of a range of art forms, she has spoken to the Divinity within all of us, inspiring countless souls to step across the threshold between the sensual and the sacred, into greater awareness and expanded consciousness of who they truly are.
By surrendering into this greater presence, even during the moments when cancer made every breath a struggle, and embracing a deeper appreciation of life and a more profound sense of gratitude then ever before for all of it’s many gifts — by holding on to a sense wholeness and perfection even as she fought to sustain her body temple — Erika has modeled what it means to walk in faith, knowing that all is well, all the time, no matter what the appearances.
Erika said it best herself when she wrote:

I simply exhale knowing that in this fractal wave of time

Every moment is a gift with which to align

And express the Infinite Divine

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